Banner Beekeepers Beginners Course

Beginner’s course starts Wednesday 1st March at 7:00 pm in the University of Limerick. The course lasts six weeks, meeting each Wednesday and covering the following topics.

Week 1   Dr John Breen – Honeybees.

Week 2   Life-cycle of the bee, biology and foraging.

Week 3   Frank Considine – The beehive.

Week 4   The beekeeping year.

Week 5   Dr Mary Coffey – Pests and diseases of the honey bee.

Week 6  Honey, the honey harvest and products of the hive.

4 thoughts on “Banner Beekeepers Beginners Course

  1. Hi there,
    I recently returned to Ireland after a lifetime abroad and am living in the Gillogue area, Clonlara, Co. Clare.
    I have no prior experience but am interested in
    exploring the potential of bee keeping/organic honey production as a hobby/small business.

    If the idea had potential, then I would be keen to read up on it, attend courses, meet with others who share the same interests.

    I look forward to your response
    Thank you and regards

    Shane K Beaey

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