Banner Beekeepers hold beginner beekeeping courses during the year. The course is 3 days in duration spread out over three weekends. This course covers the basic beekeeping skills and equipment required when getting to know your bees.

The course also includes one year membership to the Banner Beekeepers Association.

Dates for the next Banner Beekeepers beginner course will be updated soon.

Please contact Frank Benson at 0868797225 for further details.

Beekeeping stand at Irish Seedsavers Open day 2012

We would like to say thanks to the Irish Seedsavers for their support to the Banner Beekeeping Association and for the invitation to participate at their annual Open day in Scariff on the 12th of August.

We would like to say thanks to all the people who called to our beekeeping information stand with many people expressing an interest in beekeeping and in the planting of bee friendly plants to support bees

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Beekeepers from all around the country called to chat making the event an enjoyable occasion. Newly established and seasoned beekeepers from North and South Kerry, Limerick, Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Kilkenny, Wicklow and Dublin were in attendance, sharing their knowledge, challenges and ideas on beekeeping throughout the day.

Local novice and potential beekeepers expressed a desire for training courses and information for beginners. We plan to have evening lectures on various aspects of the craft between now and the end of this year with our Conference planned for the start of February next year as well as a beginners course in springtime 2013. More information on all of these will be posted as details become available.

Deja vu

Coming back to the same apiary where a swarm was caught later that week presented a sense of deja vu with a fresh swarm settled on the same location as 5 days earlier.

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The swarm was again hand brushed into their new home, this time into a brood box which had the floor strapped onto it to prevent the bees falling through onto the ground.

Catching Swarms during the season – June

The bees seem to have been particular ‘good’ at swarming this year.

This swarm was discovered on the underside of a large sally tree which was about 30 feet away from the hive the bees had come from, this was the 11th of June.

The bees were hand brushed onto the top bars of a nucleus and placed in an apiary several miles away where they have developed well during the season and now have a super of honey.

The original hive was examined for queens and queen cells. There was no obvious sign of a queen so two queen cells were left on the frames with several other queen cells being taken into apideas where 2 queens were successfully raised.

Banner Beekeepers Association


Welcome to the website of Banner Beekeepers Association. We have about 70 members from all over Co. Clare. Our meetings are generally held in Ennis, with outdoor classes in Inagh and Scariff.
We are a voluntary association affiliated to the Federation of Irish Beekeepers associations (FIBKA)

What did we do last year?

We held four lectures, a beginners course, an intermediate workshop, an information night, an open day, 4 practical outdoor classes, an info stand a couples of meetings and dvd night. 

Aims of the Association

To promote the craft of beekeeping in Co. Clare.

To promote awareness of the importance of bees.

To advise, educate and support beekeepers in the locality.

To provide a network for local beekeepers.

To hold events related to bees and beekeeping.